Mayor Jeff Williams Visited Luraco Technologies and VFTV Dallas 55.3

Mayor Jeff Williams welcomed by LCity-Council-Member-Jeff-Williamsuraco Technologies and Saigon TV 55.3

    Employees proudly give him tour of facility and educate him on the only American made Medical Massage Chair,  

    iRobotics 7 ( i7).   

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Arlington, August 6, 2015:  Jeff Williams, Mayor of Arlington, had a first hand introduction to the diverse company of Luraco Technologies, Inc. that runs an international business from Arlington, Texas.  Luraco is a diverse company, not only in the employees that work there but also in the products that it manufactures.   From industrial products for the spa industry to engineering products for defense aircraft, Luraco has now become an industry leader in the Medical Massage Chair business.




Mayor Williams was happily surprised to learn (and see first hand) that a company from Arlington produces the ONLY American made Medical Massage chair in the world.  Mayor Williams first took a tour of the production facility to meet the employees and then was able to “test drive” the newest product, the iRobotics7; i7.

It was a wonderful way to meet the new mayor and to show him all we do at Luraco Technologies.  It was especially nice for him to be able to feel the quality of the i7, our top end massage chair” stated Tom Le, President of Luraco.

Saigon Television 55.3 – a Vietnamese American Television channel that is currently expanding in the DFW Area- was on hand to capture the event.   After touring Luraco Technologies, Mayor Williams was able to take a tour of the studios of Saigon TV.

Mayor Williams at Saigon TV pic1

The interchange between Mayor Williams and the employees of both Luraco Technologies and Saigon TV left everyone with a feeling of support and respect as well as a new appreciation of all that is being done in Arlington. 

Mayor Williams at Saigon TV pic2

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